a-switch of
b-put on
c-give up
d-switch on
e-throw up
f-hang up

ex. 2 on. p.43

Who is sports person is the world?
what is music group of all time
what is place you’ve ever visited?
who is person you know?
what is possession you have?
who is actor in your country?
where is nightlife is town?
who is person in the class?
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ex.1 on. p. 42

London much weter Rome
The Us Army a bit smaller the North korean Army
Heathrow Airport much mo busy Los Angeles International Airport
Ireland a bit big Cuba
Big Ben much taller the Statue of liberty


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ex. 2 on. p. 39

18.10.2019, posted in անգլերեն

I always get undressed before breakfast .
I usually wear formall clothes at work .
When its cold put on my leather coat .
I like taking off new clothes .
Yellow and orange dont suit me .
I get dressed when i get home from work .оставить комментарийредактировать «»ex. 2 on. p. 39″»

ex. 1 on . p. 39

18.10.2019, posted in անգլերեն

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ex. 2 on. p.32

18.10.2019, posted in անգլերեն

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17.10.2019, posted in անգլերեն

more stores are selling poor quality clothes.
consumers are paying lower prices
consumers are buying more clothes.
stores are making more profits.
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16.10.2019, posted in անգլերեն

In 2005, a military jacket appeared on cheap clotiles are damaging the the fashion pages of Vogue. There’s environment. Consumers are paying notiling unusual about th at, except 20 low prices for their clothes, but the that th e price tag was not El ,200, nor plallet is paying a high cost. even E120. The jacket was made by The result of low prices is that Primark, and it was on sale for just people are buying more. On average, E12 1 Women went mad for it, and people now buy fifty items of clothing Pril11ark was renamed ‘the new Prada’. 25 ayear — an increase of 33%. Bu t At Primark T-shirts cost E2, pyjal11as these clothes are poor quality and 10 cost E5, su its cost E15 and WOl11ell’S they don’t last. You can’t sell them tops cost less than E5. So it’s no second-hand or recycle them for surprise that Prirnark’s profits are charity. They are disposable. increasing and new sto res are opening 30 A spokesperson from the Greell across the UK, Spain and Ireland. Party said, ‘We are not against So everybody’s happy then. Well, fashion, but cheap clothes, not no. According to environmental desiglled to last, are bad for the groups sLlch as Friends of the Earth, cOllsu mer and the planef.

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